Allies & Friends

Camp Beaverton has had tremendous support throughout the years. Here’s a shout out to our allies and friends as well as those who have donated supplies, time, raffle prizes, person power, and moral support.

Camp GenderBlender – Beaverton has a strong ally-ship with the campers at GenderBlender. Together, our camps hold an incredibly powerful and intentional space for exploration and expression of gender and sexuality. We offer each other mutual support and friendship on and off the Playa.

Freedom Community – Thanks to their help and support for Beaverton at its inception.

Comfort and Joy – Never has a morning been so gorgeous as when waking up to fully dressed drag queens with the playa vista behind them! The folks at Comfort and Joy are friends, supporters, and allies.

Safer Sex Camp – Remember the lube shortage of 2011? Safer Sex camp came to the rescue with lube and a multitude of other safer sex supplies.

Good Vibrations

The Pleasure Chest

Bawdy Story Telling

The White Horse Bar, Oakland