Where are we camping?

For 2016 we will be in the 7:30 sector, probably close to Comfort and Joy as we were last year.

In 2015 we were located at 7:45 and Donniker.

Every year we travel through lands that belong to the Paiute tribe; that beautiful lake you drive past is called Pyramid Lake. For a number of years Comfort and Joy have been holding a food drive for the Paiute tribe. When you are leaving the Playa and have left-over non-perishable goods, pop next door and drop them off with Comfort and Joy at 8 and Donniker.

For more information about the Paiute tribe


See you in dust!

Thank You!

Building the dome

Building the dome in 2013!

You all helped Beaverton get a new dome. In fact, it’s being delivered tomorrow!

Thank you from all the Beavers! And here’s a list of all of our contributors! See you in dust!

Peter K.
Sarah B.
Sonya H.
Allison M.
Mark O.
Shannon M.
Marlein C.
Lauren M.
Desiree S.
Kevie R.
Reid M.
Jodi M.
Rebekah H.
Kelly T.
Sanae G.
Robert L.
Beth N.
Katt A.
Abby S.
Lani S.
Jillian D.
Michael D.
Halley S.
Jennifer B.
Elizabeth F.
Maura H.
Andy F.
Laura W.
Sarah B.
Madeline A.
Christina W.
Raquel P.
Jessica A.
Evan T.
Sonia C.
Russell S.
Deborah N.
Tracy G.
Pete G.
Alison K.
Valerie F.
Rachelle B.
Julie N.
Jennifer W.
Cyndi V.
Fumbly Mumbly
Angelee D.
Maxine F.
Zach K.
Joseph A.
Jolene L.
Keets N.
Charity M.
Heidi B.
Prime Minisister
Michael F.
Pauline D.
Jeffrey C.
Carol N.
Jodi M.
David L.
Whitney M.
Amy Jo G.
Amanda B.
Alicia B.
Christian Y.
Kimber O.
Cari K.
Laura S.
Anelisa J.
Robert L.
Jennifer L.
Eamon A.
Yas E.
Liz D.
Liz W.
Anna H.
Molly A.
Jiz L.
Tori V.
Daniella R.
Hilda B.
Felipe R.
Natalie M.
Ana G.
Thomas R.
MIchelle P.
Mark J.
Francesca G.
Andy S.
Joey G.
Sormeh K.
Travis H.
Evie S.
Jean-Karlo T.
Lauren G.
Raymond C.
Arianna T.
Nenna Feelmore

Help the Beavers get a new Beaver Dome!


What is a BeaverDome, you ask? Well… the BeaverDome is the home to the notorious Strap-on-a-Thon! What’s a strap-on-a-thon, you ask? It’s the enormously popular and successful educational party where we teach women & trans folks how to use strap-ons, hosted by Camp Beaverton!

Camp Beaverton is a unique camp at Burning Man for women and trans folks who are queer, questioning, and beaver lovers. We are not talking about the furry creatures that build dams and have a paddle tail…

We need to raise funds to purchase at least a new (used) 36ft geodesic dome – The BeaverDome. We host our educational workshops, including safe and consensual sex practices, and our infamous parties in the dome, as well as provide a safe and comfy hang out space for all women and trans folks on Playa. Our previous dome has deteriorated and it is time to upgrade. We will use the funds to purchase the dome, dome cover, and supplies, then transport it and set it all up at Burning Man 2014. This won’t just be for 2014 – your contribution will make sure the BeaverDome is a space on Playa for years to come.

Caravansary 2014

Camp Beaverton welcomes  a new Mayor this year, Glo! Glo has been camping with Beaverton for a number of years and has been co-mayor for 2 years. She is super excited about leading the camp this year.

For ticket information, visit the Burning Man website, you will have to make a profile and pre-register to be able to buy tickets.



BOrg has a new vehicle pass policy, so if you plan on driving you must get a vehicle pass as well as a ticket.


For more infomation about camping with Beaverton, email us

Camp Beaverton Documentary premieres at the 2013 Frameline Film Festival

We are so excited to announce that the documentary made about Camp Beaverton during the 2013 burn will make it’s world premiere at the Frameline Film Festival at the Roxie theater in San Francisco on the 23rd of June, 2013.

You can buy tickets here for Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers, here