What is Burning Man?

Before participating in our camp, it’s important that you know what Burning Man is and what you can expect. A good place to start is the First Timer’s Guide.


As a camp, we strive to adhere to the Ten Principles of Burning Man and expect the same of our campers. You can read over the Ten Principles here.

How to Apply

  1. Please fill out the application form to join us on playa.
  2. Upon receipt of the application, we'll reach out to you to coordinate a short informal interview to have a candid conversation about what it's like to camp with Beaverton, discuss expectations from both sides, and check in about the Burn as a whole.
    You will be able to answer questions you might have and address any possible concerns. It's also a chance to start thinking about how/why you want to participate with Beaverton and how the camp can specifically support you.
  3. Then, to secure your spot, you must submit your signed Camper Agreement, camp dues, and camp bond (see below).

What to Bring

A good starting point is to look into the official Burning Man Survival Guide, to get an overview of what it takes to go to Burning Man. 


As a camp, we work to provide campers with access to some basic infrastructure - common social areas, potable water, gray water removal, shower, kitchen, co-created meal plan (dinner), shade for camper tents (limited), electric power (limited). 


In our suggested packing list, we detail additional communal resources available to all campers, as well as suggestions for what all campers should plan to bring themselves.


Dues & Bonds

Beaverton needs YOU to pay your Camp Dues!


Camp Beaverton is almost entirely funded by camp dues. Dues fund such things as: maintaining and upgrading infrastructure, camp supplies and tools, workshop and event supplies, transporting camp stuff to and from playa, water delivery, fuel, year-round storage, and funding scholarships.

Don’t forget to sign up early for the best deal on your dues! (2024)

  • $400 until June 15th
  • $450 until July 1st
  • $500 until August 1st
  • $600 until Playa 


An additional camp bond ($300) will be collected for each camper. This amount will be refunded by September 30, assuming completion of all mandatory camp duties outlined in the Camper Agreement.

Payment Methods:

Zelle : dues only; no fees!

  • We are searchable using
  • On the payment screen you'll see CAMP BEAVERTON INC

PayPal and Venmo : dues + fees!

  • We are searchable using @campbeaverton
  • Fees: 3% of dues (dues rate * 0.03 = fees)
  • Example: If your dues are $400, your fees would be $400 * 0.03 = $12. Your total payment would be $412 ($400 dues + $12 fees)