Welcome campers! Thank you for taking the time to fully read this document. Our intention is to set expectations so that we can all step foot on playa on the same page.

What is consent?

One of Beaverton’s most important policies is that everyone has agency over their own body and that consent is required all of the time. As campmates, we agree to always ask for consent, not only in sexual engagement but in general interactions with each other. Here are some guidelines that we have put together about consent:

  • In order to give informed consent, the individual(s) concerned must have adequate reasoning faculties and be in possession of all relevant facts at the time consent is given. Impairments to reasoning and judgment make it impossible for someone to give informed consent.
  • Consent is not just something to keep in mind when engaging in sexual activity. Think about whether your actions may infringe on someone else’s feelings of safety and enjoyment of a situation.
  • Consent cannot be assumed because of previous relationships or sexual activities, and the absence of “no” is not the same thing as consent.
  • Before engaging in any sexual activity, get a verbal confirmation from that person, or persons in the case of a threesome, foursome, or moresome
  • Consent can be withdrawn at any time. If someone does withdraw consent, act gracefully and thank them for taking care of themselves.
  • Using any means of coercion, intimidation, threat of force, or force is not real consent.
  • If someone is obviously impaired, or you suspect that their judgment is impaired, err on the side of caution and do not engage in any activity where consent should be obtained. Get them some water and keep an eye out for them.
  • And remember, consent is sexy!

Sex Positivity

Part of our mission is to be a safe place for sex-positive expression, but we are not exclusively a sex camp. We are a camp that supports sexuality, kink, BDSM, fetishes, cuddle puddles, making out, and all manners of sexual expression. We are also committed to creating non-sexual safe spaces.


We are committed to respecting each other’s differences, using non-discriminatory language and respectful communication, learning from and engaging with each other’s differences, and not judging the awesome that makes us all who we are.

Nonviolent Communication & Restorative Justice

Camp Beaverton is a nonviolent community, and we are committed to using nonviolent communication whenever possible. We will not tolerate disrespect or abuse, be it verbal, emotional, or physical. We are committed to restorative justice instead of punitive measures. Restorative justice emphasizes repairing the harm caused by one’s actions. When victims, offenders, and community members meet to decide how to do that, the results can be transformational.


When we are within our community, our nonviolence policy is enforced. This includes on- and off-playa functions that could be construed as ‘within’ the community, including but not limited to: beers at your local pub, travel to and from the playa, fundraisers, etc.


In the event of an altercation, we will do our best to:

  1. Remove all participants from the scene with a buddy for a cooling-off period.
  2. We will do what we can to immediately mediate the conversation with a designated* mediator. Where that is not possible we will table that conversation and revisit it within a month of the incident, when we can have a meeting with all affected parties and a mediator.
  3.  If further action is necessary after this first mediation, another mediation will be held 3-4 months after the incident, allowing for healing, self-reflection, and restoration.
  4.  If mediation is not possible, a village council of campers is held. The council will review the incident and decide what happens with regards to the campers involved and their standing within the camp community.

*Any community member with mediation experience can become a designated mediator. Please contact the camp leads if you feel you can take on this role.

Special Circumstances

  • If the person is in a leadership position and if initial mediation is not possible, that person must step down from that leadership position.
  • If a camper is asked to leave the camp during the Burn, we are committed to helping them find another safe place to camp.
  • In the event of a break-up or interpersonal issue, we are available to mediate and figure out how to navigate sharing space on playa.
  • Incidents should be brought to the attention of the leadership team as soon as possible after they occur.

Online Policy

  • Camper emails and contact information should not be distributed outside of the group without explicit consent from the camper(s).
  • No camper should be removed from the social networking sites, unless they are making that site unsafe or using it inappropriately.
  • Be respectful in your communications on our social networks.

Drug Policy



Be careful. There are federal agents in BRC, so if you intend to bring/use drugs, keep your drugs on the down low. No smoking of any kind in the dome or under other camp structures. Have a commitment to self-care, which could include having a buddy, or letting people know you may need help. Have a commitment to the safety of the community, speak up if you feel someone might need help.

Leadership Policy

Camp Beaverton has a leadership team consisting of 1-2 Mayors and a Board of Directors (BOD). In the best interests of the camp, the Mayors act as project managers (AKA cat herders) and commit to a consensus style of leadership. Mayors meet monthly with the BOD for updates, advice, approval & voting. Mayors are voted in every year, with the intention of changing leadership often. We ask for people to volunteer for these roles on playa in our final camp meeting-- however, nominees can step up after the Burn and will be voted upon in the first week of October by the BOD.