Read our mission statement and policies and see if we are the right fit for you. Camp Beaverton is a theme camp, so there is a fair bit of work that campers will be asked to do on- and off-playa. Camp can be a bit noisy and busy at times due to the events and workshops we host, so consider your comfort level around crowds and noise

What if I am trans or genderqueer, can I still be a Beaver?


Where will Beaverton be located on playa?

Every year it changes slightly, but for years we have been smack in the queerborhood in the 7-8 sector.

Do you have events off playa?

Absolutely, follow our Instagram and  Facebook page to keep yourself informed on where Beavers will be gathering.

Where are the Beavers located?

Beavers come from all around the world, but our largest "dams" are in the San Francisco/Bay area, LA, New York, Portland, and Vancouver B.C.

What do dues go to?

To pay for maintaining and upgrading infrastructure, camp supplies and tools, workshop and event supplies, transporting camp stuff to and from playa, water delivery, fuel, year-round storage, and funding scholarships. 

What if I can't pay dues?

We offer 2 half price dues scholarships, you just have to submit an application. No one is turned away for lack of funds, perhaps you can help in other ways.

What does the camp provide for campers?

Water, coffee, a full kitchen, chill out areas, safer sex supplies, community on- and off-playa, and camper shade (limited). We don’t provide food. You’ll need to bring your own tent, and surviving Burning Man supplies.

How else can I support the camp?

Donate your time, expertise, supplies, or money. Contact us to see what we might need.

What work will I be expected to perform off playa?

Those camping with Beaverton this year should: attend our camp virtual meetings to get aquatinted with camp preparations and make some friends.  Come hang or party with us if you're around! Also, if possible, attend fundraisers in your area, sign up to be a lead, help a lead, grab supplies, solicit donations.

What work will I be expected to perform on playa?

Each camper will be required to do two half day work shifts, as well as a fully day of tear down. Can you come for build? We'd love to have you! Most campers also do a ton of other stuff, as we are dedicated Beavers!

Can I get an early access pass?

Setup Access Passes will be distributed to those who are available for Beaverton Camp set up and can commit to arriving no later than Friday prior to the gates opening, and preference is given to those with build experience.

What if my friend wants to camp with me?

Have your friend read our mission and policies and see if we are the camp for them, then have them go through the steps for new camper. While having overnight guests in camp is awesome, make sure that they aren’t planning on crashing at camp all the time. It’s important to us all to know our fellow campers and nurture our community.